MAYOR’dan Dizustu Takibi ve Guvenlik Cozumu: Protegent, 45 USD

Protegent 360 by MAYOR – Complete Laptop Security / Kapsamlı Dizüstü Güvenliği

In view of rising cases of laptop thefts and subsequent data leakages, one seriously needs to secure is/her laptop and critical data saved into it. Laptops are mobile devices and very much vulnerable to theft. And in the most of the cases the purpose of stealing laptop is to steal the confidential data saved into it. Therefore, you need a security that protects your data in laptop and wards off slightest possibility of data leakage. In an attempt to cater to end-to-end needs of laptop users, MAYOR GROUP brings to you Protegent360 Complete Laptop Security-A Five Tier Protection for only $45.



– Laptop Tracking With Data Encryption / Gizli Dizüstü Yer Takibi
Protegent360 Complete Laptop Security’s Laptop Tracking module assists you in tracing and tracking location of your laptop whenever it is connected to Internet. Moreover, the module assists in securing and retrieving the important data saved into the laptop. The module comes with a small agent, which has been specifically developed to track the data needed to trace the location of the machine. It will help you identify the location of the unauthorized user in case of missing or thefts. The main highlight of the module is its stealth mode feature. The feature enables the owner of the laptop to run the module and track the needed data without the knowledge of the user. For employers, this module is best for tracking the location of their employees.

Laptop Tracking module comes with data encryption facility. The component has default/customizable settings to encrypt crucial data in case of thefts or missing. The facility encrypts data if the laptop is not connected to Internet for some specific dates. A wonderful data leakage prevention! Laptop tracking module briefs you about the location, IP address and Internet Service Provider along with data and time. Also, you can file online laptop theft so that your machine is tracked as soon as possible.

– Antivirus Solution With Firewall / Kapsamlı Virüs Koruması
Protegent360 Complete Laptop Security is a rare security solution that ships with antivirus solution with firewall. It’s pretty unique security solution as it comes with a powerful antivirus solution—Bitdefender! It gives you comprehensive protection from the deadliest viruses, spywares, hackers and other e-threats. Bitdefender is one of the most effective antivirus solution, reckoned for its supreme quality and high-end effectiveness. Get best of the Bitdefender power with Protegent360 Complete Laptop Security.

Moreover, Bitdefender comes with a unique firewall protection, securing laptop from the latest e-threats. The solution also gives the user a high-level of customization and control power—which is best suited to the most advanced users. And the basic interface has been kept simple and easy-to-understand for those relatively lesser advanced user.

-Activity Monitoring And Reporting / Faaliyet Kontrolü ve Raporlaması
Parental Controls are so yesterday. They can be easily surpassed. You need to have an effective solution that provides complete details of the activity on your system, even a keystroke. Activity Monitoring module is pretty different from the normal parental controls, as it provides a complete working time log. It further provides advanced reporting capabilities that have been coupled with customizable control features. The customization control features helps you shape the information the way you want to receive. With activity monitoring and reporting feature, businesses can study and optimize the flow of information with greater effectiveness, subsequently helping you to dish out a better client service, greater employee productivity and of course save on costs.

The feature also provides a detailed and comprehensive report. The in-depth reports help you study the activities with utmost proximity. The reports can be customized as per your requirements as well.

– Port Locker And Data Leakage Prevention / Veri Koruma için Çıkış (Port) Kilitleme
The prime objective of the Protegent360 Complete Laptop Security is to avert the slightest possibility of data leakage. Data leakage prevention is very important as the losses caused by data theft can be seriously intangible. Protegent360 Complete Laptop Security helps you lock lock Flash drive, DVD/CD writers, PCMCIA ports, Ethernet ports, Printer ports, Infrared ports, warding offing possibilities of leakage of vital data. Also you can port lock and unblock. In addition, you can customize locking options such as permanent, specific time duration and the machine is idle.

The users can also white-list and blacklist devices as per needs. In events of unauthorized actions, the users are updated with an immediate alert. Alerts are also available for Permanent Blocked, Schedule Blocked or Un-Blocked Ports with actions performed including changes in settings, locking and unlocking the ports, setting scheduler etc.

-Data Backup Solution / Veri Koruma
In view of high risks of file corruption owing to a wide range of e-threats, having back up of your critical data is very important. Protegent 360 Complete Laptop Security is loaded with an excellent back up module. The module helps you create backup copies of critical data. The back cup can be generation on your laptop, removable disks, network location or a remote location via FTP. Creating and retrieving backup of data is very simple task. And that’s not all, you are provided with multiple backup options such as compression, encryption, filtering files to back up or setting backup speed. The log viewer enables you keep track of the backup and restore tasks you performed and troubleshoot eventual errors. Refined control helps you restore files according to your needs.
Also available Protegent Complete PC Security, which has all the features of Protegent360 Complete Laptop Security excluding Laptop Tracking. Protegent Complete PC Security is an effective tool to take care of individual PC. It is loaded with excellent features and provides user all-round protection from possible e-threats.
Protegent PC is also available in 3,5,10 user packs.

Features of Protegent 360-Complete Laptop Security Solution / Özellikler (özet) :

Locate Laptop / Dizüstü Yer Belirleme:
• Unique Web Sniff™ technology.
• Encrypts the important folders as soon as the software detects the laptop is stolen.
• Secure web page for every user to monitor their laptop locations.
• Keep a close eye on movements of person with the designated Laptop
• Regular status updates of laptop location on email.
• Reports the IP address as soon as laptop connects to the Internet.
• Contain information on time, data, city, public IP, ISP, country, state, Longitude, and Latitude.
• Interactive steps to report a laptop theft.
• Remotely launch the data encryption module on predefined sensitive files & folders.
• Encrypts data even if Laptop is not connected to internet for particular period.

Data Leakage Prevention / Bilgi Koruma:
• Block ports to prevent unauthorized access.
• Block single/ multiple ports with authorized password.
• Block ports when PC is idle.
• Block ports in scheduled duration.

Bit Defender / Virüs ve Genel Koruma:
• Antivirus.
• Largest Virus database.
• Antispyware
• Anti-phishing
• Anti-Spam
• Firewall
• Parental Control
• IM Encryption
• Family Network Protection
• Gamer Mode
• Laptop mode
• File Vault – Data Encryption
• System Tune- up
• Vulnerability Scan
• Hourly Update
• Scheduled Backup
• Backup data on local computer or external drives
• Backup data over Network or on FTP server

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